Whether you are moving to our area or heading off on a new journey, our relocation department team has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with top notch relocation services.

We know moving is stressful. We believe in removing as much of that stress as possible. We achieve this by listening. Then matching you with an Avery-Hess, Realtors® relocation expert best equipped to handle your specific needs.

Some of the services provided by our relocation department include:
National Home Search
Area Welcome Kit
Cost of living comparisons
Customized marketing of your home
Property Management Services
For more information about our relocation services, contact us at
(703) 266-5810 or (800) 326-0363

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Moving In
Relocation - Moving In
To Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia

For starters, we're excited to have you become part of our community. Wether you are relocating due to business, coming back home or just on a journey, we are sure you are going to love it here.

At Avery Hess we take your move seriously. We profile all of our relocation associates - from their background, interests, relocation-specific training, knowledge of different languages, and enthusiasm so that we can select agents best suited to meet your needs - ensuring your relocation experience will be magnificent!

For more information about our relocation services, contact us at
(703) 266-5810 or (800) 326-0363

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Moving Out
Relocation - Moving Out
We're sorry to see you leave but we also know how exciting it can be. And comprehensive. We are members of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ - an association of top tier real estate brokerages worldwide that specialize in residential real location and relocation.

Whether you need in-state, national or international relocation assistance Avery-Hess and its Leading Real Estate Companies network is your best choice. Just provide our relocation department with your contact information and leave the rest to our relocation professionals!

For more information about our relocation services, contact us at
(703) 266-5810 or (800) 326-0363

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Our commitment to a great real estate experience isn't just a web's everything!
Agents Who Have Joined Us


    • My decision to join Avery-Hess was based on a variety of benefits the company offers - benefits unmatched in the industry. Avery-Hess offers personal coaching without the burden of extra "hidden" fees prevalent at other agencies. The combination of support and consumer-focused tools, Avery-Hess allows me to provide the highest level of service to the most important customer - my clients.
      - Cheryl Alls, Former Miller & Assoc. Agent
    • Being a tenured top producer, I decided to join Avery-Hess because of their leading edge technology. Not only do I have access to industry-leading technology, but Avery-Hess also gives me hands-on assistance implementing this suite of tools into my business. I couldn't be more excited about the world of opportunity Avery-Hess has opened for me and my clients!
      - Donna Anderson, Former Miller & Assoc. Agent
    • I purchased my first home with the assistance of an Avery-Hess real estate agent. Two years later, I enrolled in the Avery-Hess real estate classes and joined the company as an independent contractor. This was the best career decision of my life. Avery-Hess offers their agents administrative, marketing, technology & IT support. I chose to continue my career at AHR due to the tremendous amount of support I have received throughout the years - and what a ride it has been!
      - Iris Aponte, Avery-Hess Agent since 2005
    • I joined Avery-Hess for their career and family oriented office, as well as their vast knowledge of the DC, Maryland and Virginia real estate market. Coupled with their state-of-the-art technology suite, Avery-Hess is on the cutting edge of real estate which helps me to assist potential clients with their real estate needs.
      - Freda Arnold
    • I joined Avery-Hess because I associated the managing broker, Pat Kline, with a high standard of REALTOR® ethics. I chose Avery-Hess, Realtors, because of its reputation in the community, and the office size. I believe that the organization is big enough to support my individual goals, but not so big that I simply become a number on the agent roster.
      Dedra Brown
    • I love Avery-Hess because it provides an environment of friendly, experienced professionals who are available to network and brainstorm solutions. As an added plus, the industry-leading marketing and technology available here allow me to grow my business - thanks Avery-Hess!
      - Sheila Carney, Avery-Hess Agent
    • I chose Avery-Hess because it stood out as a company that was looking forward. They had a vision for where Real Estate going as opposed to where it once was. They fully embraced the technology aspect of the Real Estate business, which is an absolute necessity. Their commission structure was simple and easy to understand with no hidden fees.
      - Nina Chen, Former Re/Max Agent
    • A fellow Realtor suggested I should join Avery-Hess and I'm glad I took that advice. Avery-Hess offers experienced Realtors who are sincerely willing to assist. I really prefer the hometown, Main Street, and family feel that Avery-Hess offers versus the big box store Realtors.
      - Mike Daugherty
    • As a new agent, when I interviewed with Avery-Hess, I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of the managing broker and friendly welcome of the agents in the office. The agents are very helpful with any questions or problems I have. Our office has state-of the-art technology and first class training and marketing materials available to all agents with no extra fees. I am proud to represent my clients as an Avery-Hess Realtor.
      - Richard Dorta, Avery-Hess, Realtors
    • “Avery-Hess gave me the opportunity to get my business up and running, working with my very knowledgeable sister, Mary Misleh who has been in the business for 20 plus years!”
      - Judy Gamble, Former Long & Foster Agent
    • I joined Avery Hess because I was so impressed with the people I met. Patricia Mancini was awesome with her enthusiasm and expertise. It felt like a great family to belong to, all my questions would be answered and I would be trained well.
      - Silvana Giarrana
    • Avery-Hess is a company that is small enough that Scott and Dave know all the agents and we all know them and can come to them with any questions or issues we might have. The company is large enough that it has name recognition and the resources, such as one of the best Real Estate websites in the area, to help agents advance their careers, office managers who are there to help in any way they can, and the opportunity to offer sales calls and other business leads to anyone who wants to work them.
      - Neal Greene, Avery-Hess Agent since 2009
    • Avery Hess has a great support system and I just love all that they have to offer. It feels like your working with family!
      - Jami Harich, Avery-Hess Agent since 1999
    • As the company's longest tenured agent, I wouldn't want to work any place else. I can think of no other company where the IT Director will meet you in the office at midnight to troubleshoot the free color copier so you can go on a listing presentation early the next morning! This type of care and concern from Avery-Hess staff and fellow agents are every day occurrences in our work environment.
      - Donna Henshaw, Avery-Hess Agent since 1993
    • After obtaining my real estate license in July 2013, I briefly worked with a national real estate company before deciding to join Avery-Hess, whose strong and positive work culture was far more appealing to me. Suffice to say, I am excited to be here!
      - Sunil Khanna
    • I came to Avery-Hess for the technology. But Avery-Hess is so much more than a set of technology tools. The management in the company is top-notch, and the support I get to help push my career forward is amazing. I can't tell you how much I love being here, Avery-Hess is the permanent home for my career!
      - Marylin Livingston, Former Miller & Assoc. Agent
    • It's locally owned and you're not just a number to Scott and Dave. They're very accessible to all of us. And they have some of the coolest tech tools in the business!
      - Pat Kline, Avery-Hess Agent since 1998, 2012 Chairman NVAR
    • I took my real estate class at Avery Hess and after completion, I decided to work with Avery Hess. Everyone at the office was so willing to help and I instantly felt welcome. Here, I am surrounded by professionals that are knowledgeable, interactive, and incredibly experienced.
      - Janifer Lamborn
    • I had no intention of changing companies when I visited Avery Hess. But when I saw their innovative products and forward thinking business model, I couldn't wait to join! They give us the tools we need to be successful in this ever-changing market. I've never looked back!
      - Jennifer Layton, Former Long & Foster Agent
    • Avery-Hess is the real deal. They've changed my life!
      - Patricia Mancini, Former Exit Realty Agent
    • I believe that a Realtor's relationship with their clients is a long lasting, personal and multi-faceted one. Clients come to me for my expertise, my advice, and my guidance. I am expected to "know it all" both inside and outside the transaction itself. Avery-Hess continues to support and enhance my ability to deliver on every single expectation my clients can challenge me with - consistently. I guess you can say 'they've got my back'.
      - Mary Grace Mandaro, Avery-Hess Agent since 2002
    • The reason I joined and have stayed with Avery-Hess, Realtors is because of the SUPPORT. From the owners of the company, employees, marketing staff/support, IT, admin, or my fellow Agents, we are all there for each other. Or being able to pick up the phone and call another Managing Broker or Agent from one of our other offices and get advice...Everyone is there for you!
      - Mary Misleh, Avery-Hess Agent since 1997
    • Avery-Hess, Realtors' training and marketing are second to none!
      - Renee S. Mumford
    • As a boutique agency, Avery-Hess does a great job keeping pace with consumer trends and creatively uses technology to maximize its exposure in the marketplace.
      - Judy Radvanyi, Avery-Hess Agent since 1999
    • I love Avery Hess Realtors and love being affiliated with them. Avery-Hess is on the cutting edge of real estate in so many areas including the technology and marketing areas which I truly appreciate. It is also awesome to be working in a company where agents genuinely care for each other and inspire each other to do better. I love the family atmosphere that exists at this company.
      - Seema Rodriguez, Avery-Hess Agent since 2000
    • You know you're working for one of the best innovative companies out there when agents from other brokerages are impressed with the products you are providing your clients. I wouldn't have it any other way!
      Loretta Bell, Avery Hess
    • I suspect I'm a Realtor Anomaly as I've never affiliated myself with another real estate company. I honestly never thought about it. I've never had to. At Avery-Hess, Realtors, I'm provided a solid and secure foundation, highly skilled staff and affiliates, constant and proven educational classes/business meetings to keep abreast of changes and trends and all the tools that allow me to provide my clients the same - solid, secure, skilled, constant and proven.
      - Karen Smith, Avery-Hess Agent since 1996
    • I have been with Avery Hess Realtors now for a total of 13 years. I am amazed at the technological advances that have been made by Avery Hess over the past few years. Avery Hess is on the cutting-edge of the IT network offering so many advances to us, as agents, as well as our clients, from social media blogs to opportunities for exposure and assistance to prospective clients for home searches. I believe that Avery Hess far surpasses any other real estate company in the metropolitan area in this effort. They are the best!
      - Jane Stottlemyer, Avery-Hess Agent since 1999
    • [Avery-Hess] is without a doubt the company for me. Location, support and caring people. What more could I ask for!
      - Beatrix Meyer Takenaka
    • Avery-Hess Realtors is THE real estate company of the future! This company "gets" real estate both on a technological and personal level, and truly understands what it takes for agents to succeed in today's market. The agent support system is unmatched! I have been with Avery-Hess since the day I obtained my license (7 1/2 yrs ago) and I would never dream of going anywhere else!
      - Amy Cherry Taylor, Avery-Hess Agent since 2003
    • Having worked for ERA and Coldwell Banker in North Carolina and now licensed in Virginia, I searched for a company that was not the typical 'big-box'. I guess I wanted a 'custom' kind of real estate company. Upon interviewing with Avery-Hess, I knew it was the one because it felt right.
      - Diana Watson, Former Coldwell Banker Agent